Companions and Competitors since 1982
Rolyart Welsh Springer Spaniels

6 time National Specialty Best of Breed winners  4 time Westminster Best of Breed winners
 always breeder / owner handled
Silver GCH Rolyart's Tale Gator

DOB:5/15/10 - 1/8/15

Elbows: WS-EL612F30-VPI
CERF: WS-EYE68/48F-VPI / Goinioscopy checked normal angles
Thyroid: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
CHIC# 86457

Sire:BIS 2XNatBIS CH Rolyart's Still the One CD, RN, WD,VC
Dam: CH Rolyarts-Clussexx Tattle Tale RN

Ali pedigree
​It is with broken hearts we said goodbye to our Ali.  Over the last two months, she bravely fought an initial battle with pneumonia, which was further complicated by a diagnosis of immune mediated thrombocytopenia brought on by the antibiotic used to treat the e-coli found in her lungs and trachea (SMZ).  The high doses of pred used to treat the thrombocytopenia caused her immune system to be compromised, which allowed an extremely fast growing bacterial infection to take over.

It will take us a long time to recover from this loss - if you ever do recover.  We want to Thank everyone who called and sent messages, cards, and texts.  Every on of them helped us.  We are so very thankful we have her kids.  Rest in peace sweet girl...  05.15.10-01.08.15
  Ali went BOS at the National Specialty in 2013 and 2014.
  Ali earned her Silver Grand Championship​  
  Ali was Best of Breed at Westminster in 2013 under noted spaniel                 expert    Frank Kane.
  Ali was Best in Puppy Sweeps, WB and BOW at American Spaniel Club in 
   Ali went BOS at American Spaniel Club in 2013 and 2014
   ALI won Back to Back Group 1's and went RESERVE TO BEST IN SHOW at the ICKC shows  
   on October 21, 2012.
  She is the first in the breed to win a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW