Companions and Competitors since 1982
Rolyart Welsh Springer Spaniels

6 time National Specialty Best of Breed winners  4 time Westminster Best of Breed winners
 always breeder / owner handled
Rolyart Current Litters       

                            April 27, 2023 - Sports Theme   
   GCHB Mystic Acres at Camden Yards "Camden" Bred to GCHB Rolyart's Let's Have a Party "Presley"
                                                  Rolyart's a League of Their Own
                                               Rolyart's For Love Of the Game - Charlee
                                                     Rolyart's - pending change
                                                   Rolyart's Louisville Slugger - Louie
                                                      Rolyart's Run for the Roses
                                                      Rolyart's Sweet Irish Spirit
                                          Rolyart's Take Me Out to the Ball Game  - Adley

                                           July 18, 2022 - Presidential Litter   
          Don's Personal Jesus"Kennedy" bred to GCHB Rolyart's Crocodile Rock CGC TKN "Ragan"
                                                            Rolyart's Air Force One 
                                                Rolyart's Cooper Rocking at Cardiff Castle
                                              Rolyart's Maeby Madame President - Maeby
                                                 Rolyart's Movers and Shakers - Sydney
                                                                  Rolyart's Ruff Rider 
                                                     Rolyart's The Buck Stops Here - Truman
                                                           Rolyart's Watergate - Nixy

May 13, 2021 - Gem Litter
CH Clussexx Pay Per View for Don's bred to GCHB Rolyart's Crocodile Rock CGC TKN
Rolyart's More Precious than Emeralds
Rolyart's Going For Gold
Rolyart's Jewel For Don's - Tomson
Rolyart's Diamond In the Ruff
Rolyart's Yakone Yogo Sapphire - Yogo
Rolyart's Rhinestone Cowboy at Clussexx - Campbell

May 12, 2021 - Dream Litter 
CH Rolyart's Still the One CD RN bred to GCHB Rolyart's Let's Have A Party
Rolyart's Dream Weaver
Rolyart's Spirit of the American Dream
Rolyart's Follow That Dream - Peyton
Rolyart's Day Dream Believer
Rolyart's Ambitious Dream
Rolyart's Chasing A Dream - Sully
Rolyart's A Dreamis Awish Your Heartmakes

September 8, 2020 - Party Litter
GCHB Rolyart's Navigator @ Painted Sky Farms bred to GCHB Rolyart's Let's Have a Party
Rolyart's Party in the USA
CH Rolyart's Let's Par-Tee "Tate"
Rolyart's Party Like It Is 1999
Rolyart's Nanna's Tea Party
Rolyart's Party On At Redstone "Sunshine"

               March 13, 2020 - Dutch Litter
Guilty Pleasure des Vauriennes bred to GCHB Rolyart's It's My Party
Rolyart's Dutch Heritage - Lucas
Rolyart's Fyin Dutchman- Levi
Rolyart's Flying Dutchman- Ioan

                                       January 24, 2020 - Harry Potter litter
CH Don's Full Fig bred to GCHB Rolyart's Crocodile Rock
Rolyart's Mischief Managed - Finley
Rolyart's Wizzard's Waltz - Tango 
Rolyart's Wit Beyond Measure - Hazel
Rolyart's Man's Greatest Treasure - Henry
Rolyart's Peculiar Prophecy - Marin
Rolyart's Moonstones & Diamonds - Luna
August 18, 2019 
CH Rolyart's Cypres Bell Best Kept Secret bred to CH Rolyart's Ready Set Go!
Rolyart's Bring Home the Bacon
Rolyart's Sonny Side Up - Sonny
Rolyart's Luttuce Entertain You

May 31, 2019 - R and R litter
GCH Mystic Acres Waterford Rowan bred to GCHB Rolyart's Crocodile Rock
Rolyart's No Rhyme or Reason - MaCallen
Rolyart's Red Ryder - Ryder
Mystic Acres Rolyart Racing In The Rain - Cody
Rolyart's Ruby Rose -Ruby
Rolyart's Remington Rookie - Shade
Rolyart's Raise the Roof - Rylee

June 1, 2018 - Roll Litter
GCH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll CD BN GA RINFP CGC bred to CH Rolyart's Ready to Play
Rolyart's Roll of Pennies - Penny
Rolyart's Role Model - Murphy
Rolyart's Ready to Roll - Torrey
Rolyart's Rolls Royce - Az
Rolyart's Roll out the Red Carpet

May 11, 2018- Red Litter 
CH Gingerwood Alberta Clipper JH  bred to CH Rolyart's Merry Go Round
Rolyart's My Crazy Redhead - Ginger
Rolyart's Red Molly's Roadie
Rolyart's Riverdale Red Head
Rolyart's All Red Vayla

 October 16, 2017- Designer Litter
Don's Tiger of Sweden bred to CH Rolyart's Ready to Play
Rolyart's Fleur'T With Me - Francine
Rolyart's Haute Couture - Sadie
Rolyart's Designer Shoes - Patches

    July 25, 2017 - Beer Litter
CH Rolyart's Cyprs Bell Best Kept Secret bred to GCHB Rolyart's It's My Party
Rolyart's Lincoln Lager - Lincoln
Rolayrt's Blue Ghost - Fletcher
Rolyart's Downtown Nut Brown - Tula
 CH Rolyart's Field of Dreams At Mystic Acres - Addison

August 25, 2016 - G Litter
CH Rolyart's Still the One CD RN bred to CH Rolyart's Ready to Play
Rolyart's Yakone Instigator - Sunny
Rolyart's Interrogator -Lavi
Rolyart's Eddison River - Eddie
Rolyart's Investigator - Gwen
Rolyart's Miles to Go - Mackie
Rolyart's Navigator @ Painted Sky Farms - Captain
Rolyart's Gator's Luck of the Draw - Jax

June 26, 2016 - Party Litter
CH Rolyart's It's My Party bred To GCH Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll 
Rolyart's Watch The Tide Roll Away - Otis
Rolyart's Party All the Time - Rhett
Rolyart's Let's Have A Party - Presley
Rolyart's Your So Vain - Carley

                             July 29, 2015 - Game Litter 
    CH Rolyart's Ready to Play bred to Ch Rolyart's It's All About the Timing  
                                             Rolyart's London Bridge - Heidi                         
  Rolyart's King of The Castle - Trys   
Rolyart's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy
Rolyart's Follow The Leader - Lucy
Rolyart's Red Rover Red Rover - Raylan
Rolyart's Play Time  - Reese
                                   Rolayrt's Playing Hooky - Gretchen                     

                            September 4, 2014 - Sound Litter 
     CH Rolyart's Clussexx Tattle Tale RN  bred to CH Rolyart's Go Sound the Trumpets   
                              Rolyart's Safe & Sound - Kip
                                                Rolyart's Sound of Thunder - Quinn
                                             Rolyart's Sounds Precious Evie Love - Evie
                                                Rolyart's Sound of the Blues - Boogie

                                                   July 25, 2014 - Rock Litter
                 CH Rolyart's Tale-Gator bred to Bartay's Little Bit Rock N Roll  
                                                Rolyart's Crocodile Rock - Ragan
                                                    Rolyart's Like a Rock- Briggs
                        Rolyart's the Llyan Sleeps Tonight- Lilly
                                                   Rolyart's Rock Steady - Smokey
                                                       Rolyart's Little Lion Man

                                May 17, 2014 - Baseball Litter
                   CH Rolyart's Ready to Play bred to  CH Rolyart's Go Sound the Trumpets      
                             Rolyart's Put Me in Coach - Yogi
                                                    Rolyart's Bricks & Ivy - Abbey
                                                Rolyart's Go Round the Bases - Cooper
                                                 Rolyart's Ready Set Go! - Markie
​                                                 Rolyart's Go Read A Book - Huck
                                          Rolyart's Theres No Cryin N Baseball - Lanna
​                                           Rolyart's Seventh Inning Stretch - Meg

                                                October 19, 2012 - "Go" litter 
                GCH Rolyart's Full of Grace JH bred to CH Don's Cracker Jack at Rolyarts 
                                         Rolyart's Go Sound the Trumpets - Gideon
                                                 Rolyart's Merry Go Round - Desi
                                             Rolyart's Go Out on a Limb - Twig
                                        CH Rolyart's Let's Go Fore it  - Grayson
                                          Rolyart's Go for the Gusto - Katie
                                   Rolyart's Go Fetch Mynd Noly Anadal - Myrddin
                       Rolyart's Go Figure December - Samantha
                           Rolyart's Stop and Go - Spencer
                        Rolyart's Go the Extra Mile - Brody

                                                     October 28,2011 - "It's" litter
   CH Rolyarts-Clussexx Tattle Tale RN bred to CH Rolyart's It's All About The Timing
                                           CH Rolyart's It's My Party - Nola
                                        Rolyart's Hills of Brecon - Brecon
                                     CH Rolyart's It's Written in Red TD- Reba
                                     CH Rolyart's It's All Just Gossip - Gabby
                                      Rolyart's It's The Luck of the Draw - Lily

                                                     October 20, 2011 - "E and G" litter
       GCH Rolyart's Full of Grace JH bred to CH Benton Ivy League UD, RA,MX,AXJ      
                                              CH Rolyart's Element of Grace - Harper
                                        CH Rolyart's Gracious Endeavor - Brigetta
                                                 Rolyart's Emerald Grand - Sadie
                                      CH Rolyart's Easy Goer O' Cornerstone - Zack
                                           Rolyart's Exceptional Gameday - Walter
                                                   Rolyart's Great Edition - Brynn

​                                                           May 17, 2011 - "Sports" litter
CH Rolyarts-Clussexx Tattle Tale RN bred to Ch Gingerwood Alberta Clipper RN, JH
CH Rolyart’s Ready To Play - Rookie
Rolyart’s Most Valuable Player -Joey
Rolyart’s Conn Smythe - Toews
CH Rolyart’s Stan The Man - Stanley
Rolyart’s Fenway Favorite - Hank
Rolyart’s Playing For Keeps - Jasper
Rolyart’s All-Star Heart Steeler - Hudson