Companions and Competitors since 1982
Rolyart Welsh Springer Spaniels

6 time National Specialty Best of Breed winners  4 time Westminster Best of Breed winners
 always breeder / owner handled
BIS GCHB Rolyart's It's My Party  - Nola

DOB: 10/28/11 - 2/18/21

OFA:  Mild - one hip
Elbows: WS-EL727F33-VPI
Thyroid: Equivocal
Cardiac: WS-CA54/34F/C-VPI
​CHIC# 104479
DNA negative DCM mutation

Sire: CH Rolyart's It's All About the Timing - Gabe
Dam: CH Rolyart-Clussexx Tattle Tale, RN - Rindi

​For many of us this is a lifelong journey – the thrill of birth, then watching them grow and thrive, then helping them find peace. I don’t ever want to become complacent on expressing how important every gift that we are given is celebrated. Nola was always her own entity - she did things her way or she didn’t want to do it. That was Nola. She never felt the need to hide her opinion. She never cared for young puppies that didn’t belong to her; and people she didn’t know walking down the street were meant to be barked at. She did know when you retire from running in circles for your moms, that you get to sleep on the couch, on a pillow, in your retirement villa. In that villa you are treated like a queen, which is something Nola knew she was all along. Nola’s message to me was never complicated – her gift was reminding me that every day is a blessing and a gift. 

We spent New Year’s Eve at the ER clinic, a week later a specialist diagnosed advanced hemangiosarcoma that had metastasized to her lungs. The worst thing you can be told – there was nothing we could do. We thought we would be lucky to have her for two weeks, but she honored us by making it seven weeks. She took me on an amazing ride, from Best of Winners at the 2013 National Specialty, to a Best of Breed win at the 2015 National Specialty, Best Veteran and Best Veteran in Sweeps, and Best Brood Bitch at 2019 National Specialty, a Group one and several other group placements, multiple Best in Show Brace wins with her daughter tagging along. Nola was also the winner of the The Founders Cup in 2015, The Olympian Cup in 2015 and the Wildfire Award in 2015 & 2016. In between her show accomplishments, she gave me hope for the future in her puppies. My heart is truly broken right now, but I will use her gift every day and remember the blessings she allowed me to have. Her kids and grandkids playing at my feet, remind me of her every day. We will eventually heal enough to move on ……………………. 

                              Until we see you again……. Thank you for the Dance …... It was amazing!